Fwrist of all, definitons of my words.
( To avod a confusion )

New-new Hammer Swing:
- The left arm and shaft are always a straight line.
- The right hand grip is very strong then no turn all over a swing.

These two things are common for all of options of New-new Hammer Swing.
Following TSURUHASHI swing is included in New-new Hammer Swing.

Nishikori swing: // Nishikori is that famous tennis player.
- By square stance, a little inside ball position, Out-side-In swing and descending blow.
- Slimilar swing to the swing of soft tennis or Nishikori's top spin ball. So I named. :-p

TSURUHASHI swing: // TSURUHASI is a pickax in Japanese.
- At the address, the body is faceing backword. ( Very strong closed stance. ).
The level of close is adjusted to each club length. - Suppress the rotation of waist and hip. Hitting a ball just by up & down of arms.

Putter Like Approach:
- The shaft is vertical against for ground plane.
- Heel up, hitting a ball at toe.
- The face is a little closed.
Because when heel up, the ball flyes right by a lie angle.

No Look Putt:
- Hit a ball without watching the ball.
That's it !! (^^;;