(Update: 2015/12/30)

First of all

I'm Gen Sasaki. I disclosed my real name for some reason. (^^;;;

"Aggressive face turn is an important point in a golf swing !", is it true ?

The golf swing theory was created by so many people with many experiences, feelings so many years by various professional golfers and instructors.

But are those theories really correct ?
Especially the theory spoken by professional golfer is possible to master for usual amature golfers, isn't it ?

I started a golf from year 2006, at that time I was 45 years old. Since then I read so many books and web sites, I learnt from an instructor.
But recently I doubt of those theories.

I studyed engineering, so I konw a physics somehow, so I tried to understand a golf itself as a physical phenomenon.
In November of 2013, suddenly I found a way of new swing.
Of course thinking is easy, but doing is difficult. However I want to establish my golf swing with my inspiration.

The title of this web site - "Face turn is ridiculous !" - is a little too radical. I aimed some impact on that.
I add "(^^;" (Japanese smile mark) because it's half joking. But a half is serious.

Of course, if you can cotrol the face turn in high repeat accuracy, that's best !

But I believe, it will be better result with suppressing a face turn.
And for an amature struggling to avoid a slice ball, suppressing face turn is better.

The slice of driver shot can be easily solved by Hammer Swing. I guarantee it !!

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Sorry for text rich content. I will try to draw diagrams later.
m(_ _)m


May be you think, "You are not good player at all, so you can't write so big thing..."
Of course, I'm trying to prove myself with good result.

But I believe what I'm thinking now is very good way for all of amatures, who have not so much time for practice.
This way help us to achieve best result in smallest effort, I believe.

I hope someone think, "It may be true, I will try".

It's OK with different way, I hope some of essense of my way can be a help for someone.
It's my honor that I can hear from you, like "Oh, this way is interesting", "It can be a hint of my way", , ,


I dedicate this web site to Moe Norman.