Again this is also not related to Hammer Swing, I don't wear the glove on left hand.

Both hands are no glove. Why ?

I think, it's meaningless.

Most of male golfer wear a glove on left hand. Have you thought about the reason of it ?
If you don't wear a glove, can't you play golf ?
Yes, we can !!
Of course, if you always wear it, you may feel strange without a glove.

Some of professional golfers don't wear a glove.

Fred Couples, Annika Sorenstam, etc.
In Japan, Kaname Yoko, Yuri Fudo,,.

Every player is top level. Right ?
They won so many tournaments.

I weared ago. But one day I didn't wear it in a range in a trip. Becasue I didn't have a glove at that time.
So I lented a club only, hit the balls, then I felt very good ! Better than wearing a glove !!

So I wondered why we wear a glove, I tried to search the reason. Then I found:
- Long time ago, some famous golfer wear a glove on only left hand, then he won so many times.
- So everybody followed his way.
- Long long time ago, wearing a glove was a vilolation of rule.
Actually I couldn't find convincing reason of wearing a glove.

From 40 or 50 years ago, everybody started to wear a glove.

The (only ?) benefit of glove is:
If professional golfer wear a glove, the distance of driver will be longer several percent.
For most of amatures, almost negligible.

My first golf instructor said, "The right-handed player's left hand is weak. To make left hand grip stronger, wear a glove."
But even if left-handed player plays golf in right-handed style, they wear a glove on left hand. They should wear a glove on right hand. But they don't. Why ?
I believe, the role of left hand and a role of right hand are different. So the strength difference is not a problem in a swing.

Eventually real reason of all of peaple, "Everybody wears, so I wear !", that's it.

But if wear a glove, there are several disadvantages.

How many times are you changing a glove in Summer round ?
The glove takes up a sweat, the condition of glove is changing hole by hole.
So I heard, professional golfer change a glove every 3 holes. Those gloves are controled how long used.
They hate a parameter change of glove conditon.
It makes the shot repeat accuracy bad.

But most of amature golfers are using same glove over one round. May be several rounds.
The new condition are long time used condition are quite differet, I believe.
Why are they making such meanigless parameter change ?
Are you using same glove of same manufactuerer always ?
If you buy different one everytime, it makes another parameter change.

When you wear a glove, you need to prepare at leaset 5 or 6 gloves, and they should be same condition in a little usage.
Without that, the disadvantage of wearing a glove is bigger than a benefit of it.

Don't you have an experiance, feeling strange because of not good fitting of glove.
If you don't wear it, you don't need to worry about a glove.

And more benefits:

- Saving money
- Only white left hand with suntan can be avoided.

But if you have heavy sweat at hands, you had better wear a glove.

Maybe you wonder "Is it OK in rain ?".
No problem at all ! I have no experience to slip a grip in rain.
I know some guy says "I don't wear a glove in rain, becasue it's slippy !".
Everybody has highet quality golve, it's your skin !

Jack Nicklaus said, "I don't wear a glove if I reborn and become a golfer. My skin is best !".
Why professional golfer don't say "Glove is not needed." ? Though they think so.
Because they have a contract with club makers. (^^;;

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