Putter Like Approach

This is also not related to Hammer Swing, I'm doing a little unique short approach.

Some time ago, I was struggling to do the short approach. Always I hit the ground before impact.
So I searched a new way of short approach. Then I found a way of it. It's a way of short approach in a bare ground,

The shaft is vertical from ground, keep up the heel, hit a ball at the toe.
In this style, never hit the ground before impact.

Because, when the shaft is vertical, the haed will move along a circle which is centered at the left shoulder.
It means the closest point to the ground plane is just a position of ball. All other places the head never reach to the ground.
Therefore, if we don't want to hit the ground before impact, this is best way to do.

Generally in the bare ground, this way is recommended for short approach up to 30 yards.

Then, why don't we hit a ball like this in usual ground ( fairwai or rough ) ? It's safest way. Then we can do short approach like this always, I think.

After doing this approach, I seldome hit the ground before impact deeply.

I don't move body at all, the center of circle is left shoulder, head should go alog on a circle.
Up to 50 yards, I can hit like this by SW. The swing width is from 3 O'clock to 9 O'clok. ( It's 180 degrees. )

But over 40 yards, The top shot is likely to happn. So recently over 40 yards, I do usual swing with 60 degrees wedge.

Most effective situation of "Putter Like Approach" is in the rough.
By usual swing, sometimes the haed is slipped under the ball, becasue a ball is floating.
However this "Putter Like Approach" can use face very long in vertical direction. Therefore the haed never slip under the ball. And aslo it never make shank !

This way is not my original. But I think, there are very few peaple doing this approach up to 50 yards.

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