No Look Putt

It's not related to Hammner Swing, but I'm trying unique putting style.

When I do Putting, I don't watch the ball.

Then, where do I watch ?

I'm watching where I want to stop the ball. Means how long I want to bring the ball.

This is not my original way.

As a professional golfer, Ms. Akane Iijima was doing some time ago.
Recently Mr. Jordan Spieth is doing "No Look Putt"
Mr. Mark Kanai explaind it.

I started "No Look Putt" for two reasons. I struggled:

1. I putt short, in very short putt.

2. I can't adjust long putt. So 3-putts were often.

I read some article. It says, when we watch the ball in puttting, our brain makes rapid breake just before the impact of putt unconsciously. Therefore we make shorter putt in 50cm putt.

My first instructor said, "Professional golfer never watch the ball at the impact of puttting, they are watching a little forward.".

They move only eyes to see a little forward. But never move a head.
If they move a head, the axis of swing(puttting) will be shifted then can't do accurate puttting.

So for the amatures, it's better to watch a ball always.

But if we watch the ball, that unconscious breake will be a problem.
Then what can we do ? Yes, we can watch around cup in the puttting. Then no movement of head, and no unconscious breake.
Because I don't watch the ball, then I don't know when the impact happen.

When the length to cup is 50cm, I watch the 50cm over the cup. Then I do the puttting without seeing the ball, watching the target position of 50cm over the cup.
After starting this No Look Putt, I never hit too short putt in short length.

Before that, I hit 3-putts always in long putt because of no sense of long distance.

At that time, I measured the length by steps, then decided how strong by the swing width.
But we can't do practice long putt so often, so I didn't have a touch even when I measured the length by steps.

One day, I checked some Web site, there was an article says "If you have a problem of putt distance, then do the practice of putt watching the cup.".

On another day, I read the Web site, it says, "The bascket ball legend - Michael Jordan is very good golfer, he says "I don't watch the ball at puttting because I shot the free throw without watching the ball.". "

So I tried "No Look putt" as a final solution, then it worked very well !!

From that point, I stopped measurement of steps at all. Just looking the target.

Even when decide the swing width, I can't see the length of taking back.
I believe it's better to make my sense of distance sharper by my eyes.

Eventually, I was able to reduce the counts of 3 putts.

Most difficut put for "No Look Putt" is around 2m ~ 3m. But it's OK, I can accept the result of it. (^^;;

Of course, "No Look Putt" requires the practice somehow.
I trained myself three years everyday. Every morning I hit 10 balls on a carpet in my kitchen by "No Look" before going to office.

As a result, average putt counts of one round was reduced from 40 to 32 ~ 33.


May be you wonder "Can you hit the ball straight without seeing it ?". No problem. The 89% of direction of ball is defined by face angle. The moving direction defines just 11%. I read at some Web site.
So after setting the face angle carefully, I hit the ball without seeing the haed, trying to keep the face angle just by a sense of hands.
I don't care the moving direction much.
The result seems OK. Seldom I feel big direction problem.

Of course, it may be a little scary to hit a ball without seeing initially. But it's not so diificult with a little practice.

Actually the probability of hitting a center of face may be a little lower, but the distance difference of that is minor than the mistake of distance feeling, especially in amature golf. So the result is better, I believe.

In my experience, the 3 putts are reduced much actually !!

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