Repeat accuracy of swing

I'm trying many unique things other than "Hammer" to maximize the restricted time for highest efficiency as an amature golfer.

I think, usual golf swing has too many movements and parameters which we need to control.

For example,

- Barycenter movement // I wonder, this word may be wrong.
To hit a ball far away, barycenter movement is effective.
But it bothers the repaet accuracy.

- Axis movement
It's similar concept with barycenter movement. To accelerate the haed speed, synchronized one direction movement of rotation axis is effective also.
It helps, longer impact zone, better direction accuracy.
But if it's not synchronized well, it bothers the square impact.

- Arm rotation
To put the arm and shaft in to same swing plane at the top of swing with usual grip and address, the rotation of left arm is essential.
But too much arm rotation makes too much open face, too less arm rotation put the head outside of swing plane, then the head goes in to the plane in down swing, then the haed go under the swing plane before impact, then In-side-out will be too much. It may make duck hook or push out.

- Cocking
This is really difficult movement. In the taiking back, the left wrist is bended to thumb direction as correct cocking.
But I believe, usual amature golfer can't control this movement well, then repaet accuracy becomes bad.

We have to cotrol those of many parameters correctly everytime to make correct top of swing. It's too complicated. I want to make a swing much more simple.

Honestly speaking, up to top, it can be done somehow, because it's relatively slow movement. But from that top, we have to reverse all of parameters in the down swing. It's just 0.1 or 0.2 sec, so it's really difficult to do it in good repeat accuracy.

This quick reversing is really really difficult. To reverse the axis and barycenter to original position, reverse the arm rotation to make square impact in such short time.

For example, regarding to the swing of table tennis, the face angle in a top should be same as an impact, then the racket is moved just in straight ( actually it's round movement, but it's straight in the mind. ).

In the usual golf swing, so many parameters have to be controled other than swing the club straight ( = just round ). I think, it's almost impossible for most of amatures in good repaet accuracy.

From starting point in year 2006, I tried to avoid a barycenter movement, an axis movement, an arm rotation and a cocking.
But there was an angle between arm and shaft, I wasn't able to avoid the face turn.

But I found a way of Hammer Swing, then I thought, I can stop the face turn.

So now, I'm trying to do following things.

< Eliminating parameters >
- Face turn
- Axis movement
- Barycenter movement
- Arm rotation
- Dynamic cocking
- Vertical movement of knees
- Horizontal movemept of knees
- Rotation of waist

< Not eliminating (impossible to eliminate ) parametaers >
- Up and down of arms
- Rotation of shoulders
( - Releasing of cock. ) // Under consideration still.

To say radically, I want to hit the ball with just above two movements accurately
When we suppress so many patameters, the distance of shot may be shortend, but I dare accept it.
It's my "New-new Hammer Swing", that accuracy is more important than distance.