Original Hammer Swing

There is "Original Hammer Swing" already. That's why my swing is "New-new Hammer".

Original Hammer is made by Moe Norman who is a legend of Canadian professional golfer.

This web page is a reference. // Sorry it's japanese.

Mr. Jack Carkendal wrote a book "The wonder of New Hammer Swing" with researching the swing of Moe Norman, probably (following URL. This is also Japanese.).

But this book is not sold any more. I bought the book in Amazon as a second hand.
Jack Carkendal is a physical scientist and an anatomist. He wrote many things, but I think he says just "Hit the ball same as Moe Norman,".
There are not many physical analysis.

Eventually "Original Hammer" and "New Hammer" are almost same.

And I didn't start New-new Hammer with reading the New Hammer.

Regardless to New Hammer, I tried how to suppress the face turn, then finally found a way of MY Hammer swing.
After that, I searched similar way on the net, then found the Original and New Hammer Swing.

I summarize the similar and deferent points between "Original(New) Hammer" and my "New-new Hammer".

< Similar points >
- Right hand grip is ultra strong
- Left arm and shaft is in a straight line ( ultra hands up )

< Different points: Original <=====> New-new >
- Both hands are ultra strong gip <=====> left hand is weak or square
- The body axis movement one direction <=====> no body axis movement, just rotation
- Swing arms <=====> Rotate body