Basics of New-new Hammer Swing

I want to do:

- Always left arm and shaft are in swing plane.

- Always the face is is 90 degrees against for swing plane.

To achive these, there are three points.

1. Right grip is ultra strong. Rotate right around 90 degrees from square.

2. Ultra hand up. From back veiw, left arm and shaft should be seen a straight line at the address.

3. In the swing, right palm is always in parralel with swing plane. Never rotate.

This "Right palm is always in parralel with swing plane. Never rotate." is same as original "Hammer swing".

But the left hand is different. In the Original Hammer, left hand is opposite to right hand ( they are in parralel ). However in my New-new Hammer, left hand is 90 degrees from right hand or more open side.

It's most important not to rotate the face, so this shape.
I tried same grip with original Hammer, but it doesn't work well. Most of shots are duck hook.

Naturally usual grip is easy to rotate a wrist (face).
When over warp the thumbs at same angle on the shaft, the wrist can be rotated 90 degrees right and 90 degrees left easily.

This usual grip makes 90 degrees right at the top of swing then 90 degrees left at the follow swing.

In Original Hammer, from first rotate both of hands 90 degrees right, then swing with no rotation.
But the rotatability is stll high, so it's likely to be rotated left without strong attention.
Then the face is turned left, then duck hook happen.
* Never right rotation, because initially rotated to right limit.

My right hand grip is rotated 90 degrees to right, so it can't rotate to right any more,
and left hand grip is square or a little weak ( left direction ).
Palms of both of hands are up side.

Then right rotation is suppressed by right hand, left rotation is suppressed by left hand.
So rotation of both of right and left is not likely to happen in a swing. So face turn is not likely to happen.

Some sort of complete opposite end from usual grip.

You may wonder "Can you hit the ball with such strange grip ?".
No problem ! I can hit it. Though the left hand is a little tight.

The basics is all.

There are so many minor points other than above. So pleae refer to "How to" TAB for latest way of New-new Hammner Swing.

Additionally. if we can keep 90 degrees face angle from swing plane, then it's best.
But it seems impossible to kepp it completely in a swing, because human body has so many parts and not a machine.

I tried it once. But my left wrist was almost broken by that trial. So now I'm not trying it.

Of course, I'm trying to keep face angle as 90 degrees as possible.

- Left arm and shaft is always in a straight line.

- Right grip is ultra strong, then never turn it.

I'm researching new way for accurate repeatability with above two things.

If some guy will try New-new Hammer, then I recommend not to try to do complete 90 degrees face angle.

Please hear your body's voice well. I will not take any responsibility with your trial.
m(_ _)mB