How to suppress the face turn

Please imagine the top of professional golfer's swing, arm and shaft are in one swing plane.
The face is parralel with plane.

Then the face has to be turned 90 degrees some timing from top to impact.
It's essential. No other way in physics.
If no face turn from top to impact, the face is 90 degrees open at the impact. Then the sole is hit to ball.

Then how to suppress the face turn.

It's easy.

Please rotate the shaft close dirrection 90 degrees at the top.
Anyway no change for other parts other than shaft rotation.

Then please keep the shaft angle from top to impact. Don't rotate arm and wrist in down swing.
It's better to keep the face angle after impact.
Though I think after impact is not so important.
The impact time is roughly 0.4mSec. We can't recognaze that timing so correctly.
So we had better keep the face angle just after 0.1Sec after impact. Then ball will fly straight.

You can do it. It's easy !


Sorry, it's not so easy.

If you want to do it, you need to change many things in the swing.