Face turn is ridiculous !

Golf is very difficult sport. Ball is small, head is small too, shaft is long,,,
In the various sports using tools, it's most difficult to hit precisely, I think. Because the target is very small.

And, usual traditional swing theory is really complicated. ( against for small target. )
Moving the barycenter, stepping to left, cocking dynamicaly, doing arm rotation, waiting a second at the top, back to square in down swing,,,,
I'm getting crazy.

I played various racket sports. badminton, table tennis, tennis ( soft and hard ), etc.
Golf club has a face also. It's same in this aspect.
Generally, tennis player can be good at golf easily because the face control is similar.

But there is a definitevly different point from above racket sports.
It's "Opening the face at the top".

Unmeaningfully ( I think ), in the golf swing, the face is rotated to open side in the taking back, then it is rotated back 90 degrees to square in the down swing.
It is quite difficult movement especially for beginners.

When some one do so in other racket sports, the coach will scoll it.
"You have to make the face as same as hitting point at the top !!!"

Because, in the very short time from top to impact, it's ridiculous movement that once open and close back. It's bad operation to hit the ball precisely.

For example, if you want to hit a drive in table tennis, the face is already a little downward at the top of swing, then move from low to high position, the the ball can be cortolled for drive spin.

If you need to hit drive spin in table tennis once open at the top of swing,,,.
It's impossible for normal peaple.

The swing of tennis is a little close to usual golf swing, but no one is doing the face is parralel to swing plane at the top.
Most of racket sport coach says, "Make the face for impact direction at the top.".
There are other difficult points in golf swing, but this open - close operation of face is most difficult point, I think.
From year 2006 at the staring point of my golf career, I tried to avoid this movement always.

On the other hand, all of top golfers including professional players are making face parralel to swing plane at the top.
In the down swing the face is parralel to plane until the head is the waist hight, then quickly turn to square to impact 90 degrees by arm rotation.

It's really difficult to control the 90 degrees turn always same timing.
To do so, so hard practice is required. Therefore only few peaple can be a top amature or professional player.
It's not evitable to hit right in beginners.
I didin't have a confidence to control this 90 degrees turn constantly, so tried as small face turn as possible from beginning.
I tried "No cock", "No face turn". I guess, everyone tried once.
I imagined the back hand swing of tennis.

From year 2006, I believed that I can supress the face turn by usual grip.
But I noticed it's not achieved in the slow motion video of my swing.

It can be until top. But in the down swing, the face is opend.
With no arm rotation, the head is in outside of swing plane.

But in down swing, hands are going down, but the head is delayed then going into the swing plane, then the face is opened.
(T_T) (T_T) (T_T)

The golf club is too long and most of weight is locating at head. So it's impossible to keep the face square when the head is not in the plane. The biggest reason of this is the angle between the arm and shaft.
Only in the short approach, it may be possible.

Eventually, "No cock & no face turn" is possible to top. But in the down swing, it's same as other swings - face is opend.

But, suddenly, I found how to keep face always square in the swing !!!